‘Building Community, Educating Musicians, Performing Great Music’

The Community Music Center is located in Lippo Village, Tangerang, Indonesia. CMC is a non profit organization (registered Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Klasik Indonesia) founded in 2006 and the home of many musical endeavors that reach a broad audience in the Tangerang area and beyond.

CMC Indonesia Mission

  • Educate children from an early age to play an instrument and appreciate classical music with special emphasis on the Suzuki philosophy and Method.
  • Provide musicians with a cultural and social gathering opportunity where players & singers can meet and work together.
  • Enhance the quality of life in our communities through excellence in the performance of a range of music repertoire.
  • Provide opportunities for members to play with an orchestra, working with different conductors, learning a part and playing with a full complement of instruments.
  • Educate audiences in orchestra and choir music through regular subscription series of performances and learning opportunities.
  • Associate with other performing arts organizations, including performing and touring outside of the Jakarta area to serve, foster good relationships and raise the standard of the performers.
  • Establish a performance group and a supportive audience that by its organizational and operational structures fosters a spirit of cooperation and goodwill in the community and ensures its long-term existence.

CMC’s 250 members reach a wide audience through the following programs

  1. Children’s Choirs and children’s music education programs
  2. Music Lessons in Traditional and Suzuki Method for violin, cello & piano
  3. Adult Choir
  4. Strings Orchestra
  5. Symphony Orchestra
  6. Collaborative events with other schools & institutions

CMC Board of Directors

  • Therese Wirakesuma
  • Antonius Priyanto
  • Theresia Subrata
  • Dr. Dedi Tedjakusnadi
  • Kim Anton
  • Dedie Suherlan
  • Rebecca Wirakesuma
  • Emmeline Hambali
  • Novita Tedy Asihto
  • Nancy Chinthia, CMC Admissions
  • Fidella Graine, Children’s Choirs Coordinator
  • Christian Tanubrata, Adult Choir Coordinator

Our Teachers