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Thank you parents, SPH PV students and teachers:
Mr. Andre, Mr. Dave, Ms Aster, Ms Vivi and all SPH PV teacher team.

For making beautiful music together.

Video credit: Ms Windu

SPH Pluit participation at IEOF Back to Basic, 17 Sept 2022

Thank you to Mr. Andre and team

Thank you to all students

Thank you to all parents
and parent coordinators, Ibu Poppy and Pak Glen for your supports

Video credit: Ms. Carol

Suzuki Guitar lessons opens at CMC
For more information, pls contact registration and info tab.

Video credit: Ms Cely

Welcome performance from our teachers.
CMC Simprug Teachers

Welcoming all our students to the new semester Aug - Dec 2022.

Credit to our teachers:
Violin: Themy, Aster, Cely
Cello: Rachman

Video: Ms Cely

Thank you, teachers. 🥰

Capriciosso Children Choir -> working on Soleram
Good job to our teachers and children!!
Thank you for all your support, parents

At Capriccioso Children Choir at CMC Lippo ...

CMC is opening orchestra in 2 locations: CMC Lippo Karawaci and Kelapa Gading

Building music community
Connecting people through music
Improving musical skills

Directed by Mr Suprapto

For more information, pls DM


🎻🎻Duet performance
Minuet - JS Bach

Performed by
Lindy Sjahir and Mrs Frida Effrien

🎻🎻Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BMV 1043, 1st Mvt.

Mr. Andre
Ms. Fabiola

- teacher performance - 🎶🎵🎶


🎻Strings Performance at SPH Kemang. First time going live after 2 years!
We had so much fun ❤️

Thank you to SPH Kemang, parents, and teachers.

Thank you to CMC coordinator and teachers:
Ms. Rara - violin
Ms. Edith - violin
Ms. Aster - violin
Ms. Brigitta - violin
Mr. Themy - violin
Mr. Rachman - Cello

Teacher Performance from CMC Permata Hijau

Big appreciation to our teachers at Permata Hijau:
Mr. Rachman - cello
Mr. Themy - Violin
Ms. Cely - Violin
Ms. Aster - Violin

Teacher Performance from CMC Permata Hijau

Big appreciation to our teachers:
Mr. Rachman - cello
Mr. Themy - violin
Ms. Cely - violin
Ms. Aster- violin

🎶SPH Pluit Village Presents
*”Li Jiang River Landscape” by SPH Pluit Students and Olivia Lin 🎻🎵*

Enjoy the oriental soothing performance by our SPH Pluit Village students featuring Olivia Lin!

This time, our strings students have gotten the opportunity to play performance with Olivia Lin, a professional Gu Zheng player. The song, _Li Jiang River Landscape_, is a Chinese folk song about the beauty of Li Jiang River, one of the most wonderful rivers in China, that was adapted to the string orchestra.

Lin has been certified by Beijing Normal University for her outstanding Gu Zheng performance and has been trusted to perform in front of the Indonesian president, Mr. Joko Widodo for the 2018 national Chinese New Year celebration in Jakarta.

🎶Thank you for our violin teacher, Mr. Andre for your (CMC Coordinator for SPH Pluit), Ms. Zipporah (CMC Coordinator for SPH Kemang, and all teachers involved in this project.

🎶Thank you for SPH Pluit music department, parents and students for continuous support in this musical journey.

🪴CMC Permata Hijau

Thank you teachers and parents for your hard work and support to our students in their musical journey.

Great job to our students

Participating teachers:
Violin: Ms. Cely, Mr. Themy, Ms. Aster.
Cello: Mr. Rachman

Our guitar teacher, Mr. Anhar has an extensive guitar training and experience in working with children.

He took his Suzuki guitar training from Zeah Riordan, a teacher trainer for the Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (SMAI)

He currently hold a position guitar teacher coordinator in SMAI.

Besides years of teaching experience with CMC, he's also active in Be Sharp, non-profit organization who support low socioeconomic children to learn classical music.