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Suzuki Method : Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar

  • The Suzuki method, developed by Shinichi Suzuki, involves teaching the very young child. The Suzuki Early Childhood Education Program starts with mothers and babies to toddlers up to four years old. The approach is based on the assumption that all children can learn music in much the same way that they learn their native language.
  • Through listening and imitation along with a positive nurturing environment created by parents and family, the ability of the child develops. Therefore, the success of this program depends on the parents or main caregivers.
  • The method requires parental participation in every lesson and in daily home practice as well. In general, a major commitment of parental time is required. Parents or a responsible interested adult (family member) must attend all lessons with students in the CMC Suzuki Program. CMC reserves the right to dismiss students in the case of non participation of a parent/adult.

Suzuki Focus

  • Suzuki lessons focus on ear-training, technique and beautiful tone.
  • A nurturing loving environment is established from the beginning.
  • Children develop confidence through the step by step mastery learning process.
  • Repetition and review are key features of the Suzuki Method.
  • The Suzuki repertoire presented in sequence through the books in appealing to children.
  • Participation in group lessons motivates children and enhances their musicianship.
  • When the student is old enough to read words, music reading is introduced.
  • The Suzuki approach stresses a balanced, triangular relationship with the teacher, the parent and the student.

There are four components of our Suzuki Program :

  • Observation – new families are asked to observe both a private lesson and a group class before entering the program.
  • Education – in this course parents will gain a thorough understanding of the Suzuki philosophy and method of instrumental music teaching.
  • Private Lessons –  develop good playing posture, tone, technique and expression.
  • Group Classes – develop ensemble playing, a review of repertoire, ear-training, singing and rhythm activities; music reading and music games.

To enroll in the CMC Program, a parent or a guardian attends the lessons with the child. The adult will also learn the rudiments of playing the instrument and will be encouraged to attend several parent classes and seminars each semester in addition to attending all sessions with the child. An interview is required for 3 and 4 year old beginners. Most classes are taught in English with some translation to Bahasa Indonesia.


Camerata Indonesia is a community string orchestra that rehearses and performs a wide repertoire of music. Once a year they combine with professional woodwind and brass players for an annual symphony orchestra concert. The orchestra frequently collaborates with guest conductors, soloists and musical groups from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

The orchestra itself is a gathering point for musicians in the west side of Jakarta and is made up of teachers, students, amateurs, professionals and community members. It’s main purpose is to explore repertoire and to grow as musicians and sharing the groups music with the general public.


Camerata Junior is a community children’s string ensemble that seeks to explore repertoires, grow as student musicians, and share the ensemble/ orchestral music with the community and general public. Members are students from Tangerang and its surroundings, including the west side of Jakarta.

Since its establishment in 2011, Camerata Junior has rehearsed and performed a variety of repertoires including but not limited to: Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach arr. Sandra Dackow, Telemann Concerto for Four Violins, Rhythms of Africa by Soon Hee Newbold, Funky Monkey and Friends by Edward Huws-Jones.

Camerata Junior has appeared with Community Children’s Choir in concerts and a number of Camerata Junior members have performed in All Jakarta Honor Orchestra.


Firstly known as Lippo Village Community Choir, Concentus Community Choir has performed in numerous events and with many guest artists (Lea Simanjuntak, Harvey Malaiholo, Paul Ross), choirs (UPH Concert Choir & Chamber Choir, Batavia Madrigal Singers), conductors (Rainier Revireino, Robert Keane, Antonius Sugeng Priyatno, Avip Priatna) and explores various music – classical pieces, folk songs, pop, jazz, gospel, Broadway, to movie soundtracks.

“Concentus” come from an Italian word means “harmony”. It represents the diversity of Concentus Community Choir members who come from different communities in Karawaci and surroundings, and yet, joined together to produce a harmony (both in friendship and in sound). Students, teachers, professionals, businessmen, designers, employees, to housewives are some of them who have already joined in this musical community choir. We sing, we share, and we have fun together!


The Capriccioso Children’s Choir is made up of three separate choirs comprised of the younger members of our community which are Bluebirds Choir (6-11yrs), Rainbow Choir (9-15 yrs) and Cantare Choir (12yrs and above).  Children that are interested to join us will go through an audition and the child’s singing and musical abilities will also help determine which choir they will join.

The word Capriciosso is Italian, which means “playful” and “lively”. We encourage the children in our choirs to make new friends and learn to sing in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable. We believe that making music a part of the children’s lives is very important as musical abilities have been proven to help students with their studies, and more importantly, it makes them happier individuals.

As a part of the Community Music Center, Capriccioso Children’s Choir have performed in numerous concerts and events both within and outside Lippo Village. Our youths in Cantare Choir have even taken part in choir events and festivals in Bandung, Bali, and even abroad to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


  • 2014 CCC joined the 3rd Bali International Choral Festival and won 2 Silver Medals for Children B and Musica Sacred category and 1 Gold Medal for Folklore Category.
  • 2015 CCC joined festival Paduan Suara Penabur and won 2 Gold Medals for Musica Sacra category and Folklore.
  • 2015 CCC won the 1st and 3rd prize in Alam Sutra Choir Competition.
  • 2016 CCC won 1st winner of Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival (SACYCF) II at Bandung for the Folklore category and won Gold Winner for Children Choir and won the Best Conductor.
  • 2016 CCC won 2nd prize in Alam Sutra 2016 Choir Competition.
  • 2016 CCC won 1st winner of Saint Angela Children and Youth Choir Festival (SACYCF) II at Bandung for the Folklore category and won 3rd prize (Gold medal) for Children A2 Category and won The Best Conductor award.
  • 2017 CCC joined Penabur International Choir Festival and won 2nd prize (Gold Medal) for Folklore Category and 3rd prize (Gold Medal) for Musica Sacra Category. Also won the Most Oustanding Conductor award.